Photographs of Trier (Trèves), Germany's oldest city (2,000+ years).

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Konstantin kommt!

Constantine is coming!

From June 2nd until November 4th 2007 there will be an exhibition on Constantine the Great in Trier, and there are no expenses spared when it comes to advertising this event. Aside from giant replicas of the Emperor's foot placed in strategic places all throughout the city (of which I will show you more of in the coming weeks), this countdown clock was installed near the Porta Nigra, showing how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left til the opening of the exhibition.

And now which one of you math geeks can tell me when exactly I took this photo? ;)


  1. Since I don't know when on Sunday the 2nd the exhibition will open (0900, 1000, 1100??), I won't even try for the hour and smaller. Day: April 26? Not quite the "exactly" that you were asking for *shrug*.

  2. @z: It was the 25th! (At least Im pretty sure it was!)


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