Photographs of Trier (Trèves), Germany's oldest city (2,000+ years).

Monday, April 30, 2007


I'm really not a big fan of that thing that has been build in front of the Kaiserthermen, so don't expect to find many photos of it here.

However, I did like this shadow cast on the west end of the building. Maybe it's the contrast between the beautiful, natural shadow of the tree to the, well, ugly-ass brick wall. (I really don't like that thing!)


  1. denton01:34

    This shadow caught my eye on the CDPB portal. Then I noticed it was by nebel. I'm please to see you posting and look forward to your photos.

  2. It is a nice photo and reminds me that without the brick building a tree would be growing there.

  3. @denton: Thanks! It's good to be back!

    @abe: Yes, another tree there would be a lot nicer...

  4. Wonderful composition with this kind of materical contrast!

  5. What IS the new thing they built? What purpose does it serve? Hopefully it does more than just look ugly...


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