Photographs of Trier (Trèves), Germany's oldest city (2,000+ years).

Friday, May 09, 2008

Citroën 2CV

Citroën 2CV

Actually I just wanted to photograph the Trier train station, with its big analog clock, but then this old, red Ente totally stole the show!

When I was a child, one of my neighbours had one of those (in bright yellow!) and I remember that I always found it to be a very strange car that I did not want to ride in! It just seemed unsafe to me, I guess?


  1. Don't think so, it is very safe indeed, as far as you don't drive too fast. One of my uncle has one, "she" is 41 years old, grey, beautiful… And still on the road ! ;-)

    (And as he likes old cars, he also has a Käfer, 37 years old. I guess you would feel safer in that kind of car.)


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